function huge_it_cube_gallery_5(tz, ntx, nty, nrx, nry, wrx, wry, current_image_class, next_image_class, direction) { } jQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_image_wrap_gallery_5,.huge_it_slide_bg_gallery_5,.huge_it_slideshow_image_item_gallery_5,.huge_it_slideshow_image_second_item_gallery_5 ").css('overflow', 'visible'); Our club was formed in 2019 by the bringing together of Wigan Wheelers and Wigan Triathlon clubs, with a combined history of over 120 years. } height: 100%; From Bolton Hot Wheels to a cycling team. var cook=getCookie('Dislike_'+image_id); However like most cycling clubs we particularly want to make welcome more younger cyclists and lady members. }); var lightbox_speed = E; transform : 'none' border-width:Epx; likeNumber=likeNumber.slice(0, -6)+'m'; jQuery(current_image_class).fadeTo(huge_it_transition_duration_gallery_5, 0); */ if(jQuery('.huge_it_slideshow_description_text_gallery_5').html()==""){jQuery('.huge_it_slideshow_description_text_gallery_5').addClass('none');} jQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_dots_gallery_5").removeClass("huge_it_slideshow_dots_active_gallery_5").addClass("huge_it_slideshow_dots_deactive_gallery_5"); } jQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_title_text_gallery_5").css({cssText: "margin-top:-" + titlemargintopminus + "px; margin-left:-"+titlemarginleftminus+"px;"}); jQuery(".gallery_group_"+groups+"_"+i).colorbox({rel:'gallery_group_'+groups+"_"+i}); clear:both; jQuery("span.huge_it_like_count[id='"+image_id+"']").text(; var bodyWidth=jQuery(window).width(); /* Set to half of image width. border-radius:Epx; offset += search.length; jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().removeClass('like_font_active'); Junior members over the age of 16 can join any rides organised by the club, but please check the ride description to make sure it is suitable for your abilities. return false; thumbDislike=jQuery(this).attr('data-status'); border-radius: Epx !important; }); var rotate = 45; end = cookie.length; width: inherit; Bicycle rides for all with adapted bikes available. colAdd = Math.ceil(colRemainder / cols), Contact. var translateY = 'min-auto'; } jQuery(current_image_class).removeAttr('style'); else if(likeNumber.length>9||likeNumber.length>10||likeNumber.length>11){ _width: inherit; 31 talking about this. } } offset = cookie.indexOf(search); THREE local cycling clubs are looking to make an inter-club series of races an annual event after a successful first year. } } dislikeNumber=dislikeNumber.slice(0, -3)+'k'; huge_it_grid_gallery_5(1, 1, 0, 0, translateY, 1, 1, current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); */ Funding has been allocated to progress the seven latest Greater Manchester Bee Network cycling and walking schemes, with two in Bolton. /******************Clone bug update***************************/ left:0px; newColWidth = colWidth; } cur_img.css('opacity', 1); backgroundSize : imgWidth + 'px ' + imgHeight + 'px', .huge_it_slideshow_image_wrap_gallery_5 * { .huge_it_slideshow_title_text_gallery_5 li, .huge_it_slideshow_title_text_gallery_5 li { position: absolute; } "; expires=" + expires : "") + */ Find out more Mountain bike trail etiquette. border-radius:Epx; if(thumbLike=='liked'){ }, 1); //errorlogjQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_image_wrap_gallery_5").after(" -- hover --
"); left:0; float:none; margin:0px auto; backgroundImage : 'url("' + src + '")', width:10px; var lightbox_retinaSuffix = "E"; Latest Activity. text-align: center; if((dislikeNumber.length>3||dislikeNumber.length>4||dislikeNumber.length>5)&&dislikeNumber.length<7){ var resStatus2=jQuery(".huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status'); cursor: pointer; Bolton Hot Wheels CC is a friendly cycling club based in Bolton. jQuery('.huge_it_gallery_like_cont_515 .huge_it_like_thumb').each(function(){ if (direction == 'right') { The club has a thriving community of cyclists and a huge variety of abilities. The role of Trustees; Cycling UK Board Meetings; How to become a Trustee; Leadership team. jQuery(".huge_it_slide_bg_gallery_5").css('perspective', 1000); var lightbox_innerWidth = 'E'; var anims = ['sliceH', 'sliceV', 'slideH', 'slideV', 'scaleOut', 'scaleIn', 'blockScale', 'kaleidoscope', 'fan', 'blindH', 'blindV']; function huge_it_none_gallery_5(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction) { //errorlogjQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_image_wrap_gallery_5").after("--cur-key="+current_key+" --cur-img-class="+current_image_class+" nxt-img-class="+next_image_class+"--"); */ //errorlogjQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_image_wrap_gallery_5").after(" -- paly ---- "); border-width:Epx; window.clearInterval(huge_it_playInterval_gallery_5); } Opening hours, reviews, phone number. Calendar. jQuery(".huge_it_slider_gallery_5").css({ var dislikeNumber=response.dislike; jQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_image_container_gallery_5").css({width: (sliderwidth)}); }); var image_id=jQuery(this).parent().find('.huge_it_like_count').attr('id'); } This website has been funded by the Bolton PE Association on behalf of all affiliated Secondary Schools with the aim of maximising sports participation across the Bolton Borough. if(maxwidth>E){maxwidth=E;} You can also join via British Cycling, click the red “Join/Renew } contHeight : ty; If you know of any volunteers or groups who may be interested, contct Caroline below. */ jQuery("span.huge_it_like_count[id='"+image_id+"']").text(; jQuery(next_image_class).css('transition', 'opacity ' + huge_it_transition_duration_gallery_5 + 'ms linear'); huge_it_grid_gallery_5(10, 1, 0, 0, translateY, 1, 0, current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); document.cookie = name + "=" + escape(value) + display: none; var translateY = 'auto'; margin-top: -15px; var rotate = -45; display: block; jQuery(current_image_class).css('transition', 'opacity ' + huge_it_transition_duration_gallery_5 + 'ms linear'); var cookie = " " + document.cookie; Good fellowship should be seen as a prime aim.’ All kinds of cycling? if("E"=="center"){var descriptionmarginleftminus=jQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_description_text_gallery_5").outerWidth()/2;} return false; Find Running Clubs near Bolton, Lancashire on Yell. Welcome to Bury Clarion Cycling Club Clubs have rules. }); } { Race Smart is an awareness campaign designed to promote responsible racing on Britain’s roads. var iterator = 1; jQuery("#huge_it_slideshow_left_gallery_5").css({'display':'inline'}); var thumbDislike; } function huge_it_change_image_gallery_5(current_key, key, data_gallery_5, from_effect,clicked) { /* Create & append gridlet to grid. onOpen:function(){ alert('onOpen: colorbox is about to open'); }, */ Log in . */ }); Bolton Active Travel Forum The Active Travel Forum has replaced the Bolton Cycle Forum in accordance with the Greater Manchester BeeNetworks and now will focus on walking and cycling as part of the active travel agenda. end = cookie.indexOf(";", offset) }); }); height: 10px; dislikeNumber=dislikeNumber.slice(0, -3)+'k'; /* After transition. Bolton Hot Wheels CC is a friendly cycling club based in Bolton. jQuery(".huge_it_slideshow_image_gallery_5").attr('data-image_id', data_gallery_5[key]["id"]); .huge_it_grid_gallery_5 { } var result = ''; jQuery(next_image_class).css({'opacity' : 1, 'z-index' : 2}); /* Execution steps. var lightbox_html = E; jQuery(document).ready(function(){ } if (direction == 'right') { /*HOVER SLIDESHOW*/ Cost is £8 for the 4-weeks. huge_it_trans_in_progress_gallery_5 = true; ((secure) ? /* Nested loop to create row gridlets for each col.*/ jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status','disliked') }) return jQuery('