Independent learning is about pupils being active rather than passive. I fully support this approach toward learning. We encourage students to plan a shift in focus after every 20 minutes of independent study. I’m Ann (aka Annie), a veteran homeschool mom of five. When the child is answering questions based on what they have read, it is a way of holding them accountable. Instructional strategies are the techniques or methods that a teacher can adopt to meet the various learning objectives. Skip to content. If you’re using your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits while taking only distance-learning courses, we’ll pay a housing allowance based on 50% of the national average. Studies, learning, and education are like synonyms for students. It’s always nice to hear that someone agrees with me, lol. What is independent learning and what are the benefits for students? In essence, when such beneficial factors combine, the impact of independent learning has been seen as positive. Experiential learning is a benefit that allows a student to learn and have fun at the same time. My eldest went off to college having been an independent learner for every single subject during high school. She doesn’t have to sit down with each and every student for each and every subject. My dashboard; Pages; What is meant by independent learning? Brought to you by Charles Schwab. Enables users to learn on demand and when they are motivated Tutorial can be done independent of time and geography User is able to stop for breaks and to repeat sections as needed Easier to briefly review or skip sessions if not a beginner Another taught herself to knit and crochet. we usually spend almost no money on curriculum, but this year I need some we bought a membership to a math & reading online program. Thank you for this. 5. Fluency is another important element supported through independent reading. The narrations would especially let you know if they actually understood the material. Moving from whole-class directive teaching to more of a coaching approach is a key step in fostering independent learning. AND THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED OFTEN, lol. 10 Benefits Of Inquiry-Based Learning. Some courses will have a significant proportion of timetabled contact hours (often Engineering, Medicine and Science degrees). Many of them just WILL try to shortcut the process. Guided learning is a technique, used to create an independent learner who is able to find the information by himself and manage his own learning. Advantages And Disadvantages Of eLearning Learning in a classroom is more personal and interactive, but there are a lot of benefits to enrolling in an online course, and most of it is in terms of convenience and affordability. When readers reread familiar texts or texts where the decoding requirement is minimalised, greater attention can be placed on building meaning (Konza, 2016). 7) The child learns initiative. Then I would gradually add more subjects to the list of ones that that student had to do independently, so that by eighth or ninth grade they were doing them all. . It will become difficult. It should also contribute to a ‘cultural synergy’ where cultures are equally valued in the classroom, and the benefits for learning … I am homeschooling 2 boys, one is very naturally independent (even though he is quite distracted) and the other is not. I bought some old edition Abeka textbooks (cuz those are just pennies on Ebay) and had them read those and answer the questions — but I didn’t check them for accuracy, lol, because I didn’t bother to buy the teacher’s editions. Independent learning is about taking control of your work. That is the one thing promised more than anything else. I’d love to hear more about how to make this work for a non-textbook subject. Love it, Rachel! greater student awareness of their limitations and their ability to manage them; enabling teachers to provide differentiated tasks for students; and fostering social inclusion by countering alienation. How can I help her be more independent with this sort of free-form subject? Printed textbooks and handouts provided at the beginning of each school year are inflexible by nature and may even provide out-of-date information. Math, chemistry, physics, literature, foreign language — she did them ALL completely by herself. I did/do have to work more closely with them, but not so much with the actual learning as with the staying on task. Email: What is meant by independent learning? Veteran Benefits for Independent Learning Students If you are currently serving in the U.S. military, or are a U.S. military veteran, there are state programs available to help you meet your educational goals through the Independent Learning program. Here at Berkhamsted we are committed to fostering Independent learning and, parents, you can help us here – we need your support. In such a situation it is necessary that the teacher takes a back seat. This is a BIGGIE in character development, y’all. (Which is true of everyone who has come after her, as well.) Reading encourages you to think critically, question the world, and be more culturally conscious. When a child has become accustomed to learning independently, they can pick up any book and learn the information in it. Learn more. 14 Durham Lane, . Because that is what college is. Self-motivation – Forget bribery. I actually never gave them much evaluation for history or science at that age. It can be easy to feel like we need to be on hand at all times for our children’s homeschooling. These include cognitive skills such as focusing of memory and attention and problem-solving, metacognitive skills associated with an understanding of how learning occurs, and affective skills related to feelings and emotions. you can document it as home ec or life skills. Devise a strategy for all classes to follow for some of the lessons i.e. Self-learning enables you to learn what you want when you want, and how you want. How do you motivate and keep them on task. That’s exactly the way my mom handled it in the (large) homeschooling family I grew up in. Veteran Benefits for Independent Learning Students If you are currently serving in the U.S. military, or are a U.S. military veteran, there are state programs available to help you meet your educational goals through the Independent Learning program. Independent learning is when an individual is able to think, act and pursue their own studies autonomously, without the same levels of support you receive from a teacher at school. Lower costs and debts. ILPs build on a student’s current level of learning and take into consideration a student’s cultural, linguistic and social-economic background. When it was time to do her first research paper in college, the idea of independent learning was so ingrained in her that she made an appointment with the college librarian to get a tour of the library and learn how to use its resources. Do you have a solution in mind for this? Students are immersed in a unique journey, but they’re still part of a larger learning community. Or she could draw a picture, or make an outline, or just copy the topic sentence from each paragraph… any of these you can “grade” or not as you see fit. I will also be grouping my kids this year so my middle-schoolers will be in the same math and language arts. When mom is not part of the equation for learning a particular subject, the child can schedule that subject any time in their day. For example, one of the prerequisites of independent learning is the ability to work on your own, with minimal direction and with confidence. Getty. She also founded the popular Facebook group called It's Not that Hard to Homeschool High School, which now has over 27K members; and recently she started the It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High School Podcast. A key skill in independent learning is the setting of realistic and achievable goals. Calendar Inbox History Help Close. I wonder if you could model it in class for the students? They will learn to concentrate as they read, because they will know they are going to need to use the information for their homework.2) The child learns HOW TO LEARN. Every class is made up of a conglomeration of learning types and styles. An increase in self-confidence means that you trust … They would work through the entire chapter, and I would check their chapter review. Great question, K.C.! ann (at) annieandeverything (dot) com. Personalize learning goals. hey